Who Am I?

Sue Ascioti-Plange, Law of Attraction Business Coach and Facilitator, runs a personal development business called Law of Attraction For Your Business, based in the Tampa Bay area. She brings to her clients over 25 years of business experience, having owned businesses in consulting, coaching, technology management, retail, healthcare and food service.

She offers a “train the trainer” course which allows small business owners/leaders to learn how the Law of Attraction mindset positions any type of business for massive success. Sue also works with individual clients and business teams. She offers flexible telephone coaching, as well as group coaching/training. Training can take place in person or via Zoom, which allows participants from any where in the world to learn and grow.

Sue specializes in working with her clients to eliminate “limiting beliefs” and resistance to success. She offers many techniques in order to do this and all coaching and programs are customized to the needs of the individual client/team/group.

Some of my Highlights

I had the opportunity to spend 3 years working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During this period I was Acting Director for 4 distinct departments. I was able to utilize my coaching, communication and analysis skills to facilitate huge improvements in patient and staff satisfaction as well as the financial situation of each department I was a part of.

I love taking individuals from an initial or no business idea into a successful business.

I provide 1:1 coaching for business owners and business teams committed to success and who are willing to be 100 percent proactive. I meet with my clients for 1 hour every week or every other week. Every session is customized, so you can make progress toward getting what you want to achieve and you will get value out of every single session we have.